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Zeitzwolfe Accounting offers a variety of tailor-made solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Heather Zeitzwolfe, CPA

The Compassionate Accountant

I love working closely with clients and adapting to their specific needs. I have an eclectic professional background, a positive vibe and a unique spirit. I find accounting and personal money management to be fun and exciting. I also have a strong passion for veganism, standing up for our civil rights, and saving the environment. Plus, I enjoy building spreadsheets, writing comedy and serving as an officer for my Toastmasters’ club.


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Heather Zeitzwolfe is a CPA certified with the State of Oregon’s Board of Accountancy. She is also a member of the AICPA.

Zeitzwolfe Accounting is a licenced firm with the State of Oregon’s Board of Accountancy.