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  • We offer tailor-made concierge services for personal finances, such as paying bills, balancing checkbooks and reconciling credit card statements.

  • Notary

    Please note that we are not financial advisors and by law cannot practice such activities, including investment consulting, researching retirement funds and managing stock trades.

Money Coach - Debt Advisor

If you are ready to make a positive life decision to reduce debt and increase wealth, then we can assist you. Through our proven debt advisor program, we can analyze your unique debt situation (i.e. student loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.) along with your monthly expenses and income to create a dynamic plan that will allow you pay off your debts in a fraction of the time. If you’re interested, please contact us for a meeting to learn more.

Daily Money Management For The Elderly & Disabled

If you or one of your loved ones is elderly or disabled and needs assistance with getting their bills paid each month, we can help. We can oversee monthly finances to monitor monthly spending, help with budgeting monthly expenses, make sure bills get paid on time each month, organize documents for tax preparation, prepare tax returns and provide a monthly financial status report for them or their loved ones. We can facilitate and oversee payroll services for in-home care.

Daily Money Management

We can make your life less stressful through our daily money management services. If you are non-tech savvy, a frequent traveler, a busy professional or just someone who really dislikes dealing with their monthly bills, we have you covered. We provide tailor-made money management solutions that eliminates all the hassle. We will make sure your bills get paid on time by keeping you on budget and facilitating the payments of bills. We can reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, organize and itemize applicable documents for tax preparation, prepare tax returns and provide a monthly status report so that you have a handle on your finances without all the stress.

Tax Returns

If you have a Schedule C business, an AirBnB, need assistance getting your tax organized, or preparing your tax return, we can help. For tax returns we use a secure portal so all your personal information is safe and you can send it via the Internet from anywhere!

Tax Planning

Navigating the tax code is like playing a board game with 60,000 pages of complex rules, except if you lose this game it could cost you thousands of dollars every year! You may be missing out on credits, loopholes and other deductions. We offer strategic planning that could help you keep more money in your pocket and less to Uncle Sam. Contact us so we can start putting a plan in action,

Tax Notices

It can be very stressful if you receive a tax notice from the IRS, the state or the local government. We can assist you with these matters by contacting these entities on your behalf as your Power of Attorney.

Personal Money Coach & Financial Literacy

One-on-one coaching sessions. We can assist you with issues like budgeting your personal expenses, balancing your checkbook, setting up bill pay, or organizing your documents for tax preparation. We can help you take control of these matters or we can manage them for you.

Financial Literacy Workshops (kids/teens/parents)

Do you want to get your child prepared for their future? Our financial literacy training will provide your child with a solid foundation for their future, which will allow them to make wiser financial choices as they move into adulthood. Workshops are available per request and are offered as one-on-one, multi-child, or child and parent.